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Club News - March 2022

1. Club fees will stay the same as previous year :)

2. Cleaning and painting of the courts will be completed

3. Floodlights are in good working order.

4. Health, Safety and Maintenance

  • Court 4 wall needs repair, at present this will be monitored and Jim Wallis to check.

  • Court 4 fence wire is broken – Joe to action

  • Court 1 – The chicken wire needs attention and adjusting.

5. Committee agreed that any Whatsapp, facebook or other social media which have been set up by members – Ventnor Tennis Club has no responsibility for these social groups and members shouldn’t use Ventnor Tennis Club reference in their page set up.​

6. Easter – Linda is promoting younger children to tennis over the Easter holidays with program of courses for children in the first week of Easter Holidays.

7. Linda is in contact with Julian Wadsworth MBE who is the Community Resilient Coordinator for the Bay School looking at ways of ensuring access to tennis for all children.

8. Adult Tennis – Beginner’s tennis for adults, LTA initiatives Tennis Express Beginners. Encouraging complete beginners to play tennis starting with red balls.

9. Open Day - This was discussed to promote Ventnor Tennis Club – all agreed after the court cleaning.

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